Marina Del Rey Public
Safety Dock Replacement

New 15,000 square feet floating dock with a 2,200 square feet Lifeguard building, 1,300 square feet
Sheriff Boathouse, 500 square feet Storage building, and a new fuel supply system.


El Cariso Park Gymnasium and Community Center

New 15,000 sq. ft. USGBC LEED Silver Certified Gymnasium and Community Center; 12,000 sq. ft. aquatic center renovation;
new playgrounds, splash pads, and soccer fields; parking, sewer system, re-paved roads and utility lines.

Los Angeles Unified School District
Orthopaedic Hospital High School

New 90,000 square feet High School with 32 classrooms.

Stoneview Nature Center

As the first design excellence via Design-Build effort undertaken by the County of Los Angeles,
the Stoneview Nature Center is a unique story of community, engagement and healing.

Fire Stations and Fire Camps

Over 10 Fire Stations, Fire Camps, and Fire Department Facilities with new structures, new potable water systems,
new wastewater treatment systems, and new Electrical, Mechanical, and Controls Systems.

Stephen Sorensen Gymnasium Community Center

Construction of a state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly 15,000 sq. ft. USGBC LEED Silver Certified Gymnasium and Community Center,
complete with top-notch facilities and amenities, as well as the creation of vibrant playgrounds and engaging splash pads that provide endless fun.

Los Angeles General
Medical Center

Remodeling of three new Catheterization Laboratories with new specialized equipment.

Olive View Medical Center Child Care Center

Our services encompass a wide range of projects, including the construction of new Child Care Centers with classrooms, offices, kitchen,
restrooms, and play areas, as well as the installation of offices, storage trailers for efficient workspace and secure storage solutions,
and the remodeling of two new Catheterization Laboratories with new specialized equipment.
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