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Program Management

At Precedo Management Inc, we believe in a culture of collaboration, where efficient execution and successful program outcomes are the norm. We kickstart our approach to capital program management with strategic project planning and coordination. Our team consists of experts in developing and managing master budgets, advisory services and master planning. We strategically guide projects, focusing on master scheduling, schedule analysis, design management and program controls, and robust delivery and contracting strategies, always representing the client's best interests.
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Project Management

We guarantee project success through our comprehensive, hands-on oversight. Our process begins with careful budget development and management, incorporating change order prevention and management strategies to ensure financial prudence. Claims analysis is part and parcel of our construction project management services, where we perform condition and needs assessments. The backbone of our project management approach is strategic planning, weaving in programming, space planning, and feasibility studies to assess project viability and cost estimates.
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Design Management

We cultivate close partnerships with architects, engineers, and other stakeholders, ensuring high-quality designs that match client specifications. We navigate all design phases, from feasibility studies to comprehensive construction document preparation. Our prompt communication and attention to detail ensure quality and cost-effectiveness in design, while our collaboration with estimators and schedulers guarantees accurate project estimates and schedules.
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Construction Management

Our construction management service covers every facet of the lifecycle, from procurement to quality control and on-site supervision. We initiate clear communication lines and monitor all construction phases, proactively anticipating delays and providing solutions to minimize their impact. And with in-depth commissioning and close-out plans, Precedo’s proactive approach saves you time and money, ensuring a smooth construction process from start to finish.
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Constructability Review

Constructability reviews are crucial to avoiding disruptions, claims, and scheduling delays. We help companies save on costs by conducting meticulous examinations of project plans and identifying potential issues, conflicts, or inefficiencies. Our constructability review services focus on the buildability, biddability, and efficiency of the project, helping you benefit from real-world cost savings by avoiding unnecessary change orders and ensuring project viability.
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Document Control

Our document control processes ensure easy tracking, version control, archival, and retrieval of documents. We maintain accurate records and streamline document workflows, using secure and user-friendly software, so all project activities are thoroughly documented and accessible.
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